Sunday, November 22, 2009

won't be able to download his images of "Great Day In Tuscaloosa" until tomorrow but I will welcome anyone elses images & I'll be glad to put them on the Net. I'm also interested in publishing any images from Chuck's visit to T-town. I took no pictures of Chuck or Randall so please shoot me some images when ya get a chance!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

has had an incredible 24 hrs. I got my book signed by both Randall & Chuck. (Since I got Justo, J.R., The Ox & Goldsboro to sign last summer @ the mural dedication, my book starting to look good). Chuck & Randall sold out the Bama & nobody in the house was under 50! It was a Class of '67 Reunion slash Chukker Reunion! Got more compliments than I ever have in my whole life!
Carroline Shines rocked Little Willies. Then the game today!!!!They introduced Chuck & his wife on the field during the second quarter & they stayed on the sideline until the half. I heard they were in Prince's box. Now it time to get ready for the "GREAT DAY IN TUSCALOOSA".

Friday, November 20, 2009

is looking forward to tonight's after-concert blues jam with Carroline Shines' band @ Little Willies. Lots of old blues cats will be in town for Chuck Leavell & Randall Bramblett's concert @ the Bama tonight @ 7:30. Carroline is the daughter of the late, great Johnny Shines. It's gonna be one hell of a night. Don't miss it!(& make sure you make it to the "Great Day in Tuscaloosa" photo shoot in front of Reese Phifer @ 2:00 Sunday.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tim McGraw in a football movie. Here the link

It be that a way sometime...

'Nair nuttin' but a thang, nuttin' but a chicken wang, hangin' by a strang down by the Burger Kang SMOKING A KOOL FILTER KANG!!!!

I, Robert "KA$H" Register, now order all of MY Facebook friends who are Tuscaloosa musicians to attend. That means Ben Burford, Brian A. Smith, Bruce Hopper, Chuck Leavell, Court Pickett, Debbie Bond, Craig Gates, D.C. Moon, Dwight Williams, Frank Friedman, Poodgie Poole, Glen Butts, John D. Wyker, John McClusky, Kenneth Ortega, Kenny Smitherman, Michael Green, Paul Hornsby, Robert Huffman and Will Kimbrough.
encourages all Tuscaloosa musicians(past & present) to show up on the steps of Reese Phifer (the old Union) @ 2 P.M. Sunday, Nov. 22 to have their picture taken by DSmith Images.
This image will be a tribute to the Tuscaloosa music scene and all those who have been a part of it. The sponsors plan to copy the photo and display it in every live music venue in Tuscaloosa.
was so surprised to see Da Kritmuh Lite on Downtown during his Midnight Ramble even though I watched them put them up all day long. Mo' evidence of CRS Disease. Jorge Falcon surprised me with an email about his brother, Felix "Flaco" Falcon, Joe Cocker's conga drummer who I met in the Spring of '72. He wanted me to share any memories I had of his brother which I did but then I told him "The cat you need to talk to is Joe Cocker. Joe & your brother appeared to be best friends and they were working in about the biggest rock & roll show to ever tour the world up to that time."

Monday, November 16, 2009

is getting wired and inspired for Chuck Leavell and Randall Bramblett's gig @ The Bama Friday night. I've posted most all of my Chuck Leavell stuff on my blog, Zero, Northwest Florida. Looks like I gotta good chance of getting my HEEEY BABY DAYS OF BEACH MUSIC book signed by both Leavell & Bramblett. Bramblett played in a great Athens, GA party band, King David & The Slaves, plus he wrote "I'm Callin' " which Dothan's Beaverteeth cut and it is a song remembered for the superb sax solo by the late great DHS Tiger Jay Scott. Friday should be a wonderful night plus I got promised a ticket to the game on Saturday!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

cooked all afternoon in between watching YouTube videos where Paul Prudhomme shows you how he debones a chicken, etc...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am intrigued by Mark's brief biography posted on the REAL TALK website.

I want to know how in the world does the young son of a Southern Baptist minister get to "march as a young boy during the Civil Rights movement."

I also have questions about Mark's employment record.

I'd like to see details about how Mark "worked his way through corporate America, and held top executive positions in human resources at several Fortune 500 companies. In 2005, he left a multi-million dollar position..."

All advertisers on WHBB 1490 AM & Z105.3 FM need to be aware that their advertising dollars are supporting a cult leader who is comfortable defaming Selma's families.
watched the first quarter @ a new bar called The Alcove International Tavern on the 700 block of 22nd Ave. It's the first No Smoking Bar I ever heard of in Alabama. Cozy little place wid great sound, brand new TVs, superb art & a kewl vibe. Check it out! ROLL TIDE!
has recovered enough from last night to venture out to the Winn-Dixie over in The Port. Debbie Bond & Friends Rocked The House Last Night @ LITTLE WILLIE'S!!!! Gary Edmonds played guitar on the early sets and some other rocker sat in @ closing. Rick tuned up that London, England Boogie Woogie on keys & IT HAPPENED! Debbie cut up the juice & turned the damned thang loose! It WERE One Beautiful Night!

Still trying to come up wid a way to get THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED into Bryant-Denny Stadium.(we got 28,371 views on YouTube! )

Tim McGraw!

He's got a new song out that mentions both Bear & The Crimson Tide! Book him for half-time & end the show with THE BEAR DAY DIED

(Bob DiPiero, Tommy Douglas )

Hank Williams sang it
Number 3 drove it
Chuck Berry twanged it
Will Faulkner wrote it
Aretha Franklin souled it
Dolly Parton graced it
Rosa Parks rode it
Scarlett O’ chased it

Smooth as the hickory wind
That blows from Memphis down to Apalachicola
It’s, “Hi y’all! Did ya eat? Well?”
Come on in child
Sure glad to know ya
Don’t let this old gold cross
An’ this Allman Brothers t-shirt throw ya
It’s cicadas making noise
With a southern voice

Hank Aaron smacked it
Michael Jordan dunked it
Pocahontas tracked it
Jack Daniels drunk it
Tom Petty rocked it
Dr. King paved it
Bear Bryant won it
Billy Graham saved it

Smooth as the hickory wind
That blows from Memphis down to Apalachicola
It’s, “Hi y’all! Did ya eat well?”
Come on in I’m sure glad to know ya
Don’t let this old gold cross
An’ this Crimson Tide t-shirt throw ya
It’s cicadas making noise
With a southern voice

Jesus is my friend
America is my home
Sweet iced tea and Jerry Lee
Daytona Beach
That’s what gets to me
I can feel it in my bones

Smooth as the hickory wind
That blows from Memphis down to Apalachicola
It’s, “Hi y’all! Did ya eat well?”
Come on in child I’m sure glad to know ya
Don’t let this old gold cross
An’ this Charlie Daniels t-shirt throw ya
We’re just boys making noise
With a southern voice

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Southern Voice
I got a southern voice
A southern voice


Friday, November 13, 2009

Anything you can tell me about going commercial and getting sponsors on my page will be apprecitiated.
I know that two things I need is an analysis of my impact on the Web & an accurate Search Engine for everything I've blogged since 2003.

Any suggestions will be appreciated & next time I blast out my blog I'll feature Music

is so glad Wilbur Walton, Jr. is still singing. Somebody needs to come up with some cheeZZZZe (at least $1200) so we can hire Wilbur Walton, Jr. & The Strange Gang to play THE World's Greatest Barefooted Hell-Raiser Christmas Party In The World PARTEEE!!!! neck month. Wilbur is still recording. No details or lyrics for Folk Blues #5 but I have been assured by absolutely the highest authorities that it ain't got 'nair nuttin' tah do wit Dr. Harper Shannon. Please do yourself a favor, take a few moments out of your busy life & click on the Playground Recording Studio myspace site. Folk Blues #5 is the second cut on their jukebox.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have Bob Weston's mural painted on the pine paneling of The Brothers Motorcycle Club.

image by Michael Palmer
reassured my Boss by saying,"Boss, you don't have to ever worry about one of us slacking up on the job or doing shoddy work because when you have to deal with folk like yo' sorry ass tenants all in the world you wanna do is get in, get out & make IT right so you don't have to come back!!!!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

had the privilege of hangin' out this morning with two investigators analyzing the origin & cause of a fire. The equipment they brought from ATL was impressive. One cat was a former Battalion Chief w/ Metro ATL Fire Dept. with a degree in Fire Science. The other guy had his degree in Electrical Engineering. I got a bad feeling I'm gonna be seeing some more of these guys. I'm glad I don't have to do what they do everyday for a living.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I first met Ken Kesey in '98 or '99 through his website He wanted to take his bus to Cuba so we corresponded about the possibilities. Our politics couldn't have been more different yet we became friends. I'll never forget the day he died on Saturday, November 10, 2001. I had a terrible day @ work that day & then got caught up in the game day traffic trying to get home. I turned on the tube and a crawl on the TV screen informed me that Ken Kesey was dead. I ran to my computer to contact Babbs & there was an email from Babbs written to me just moments after Ken passed. What a sad day.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

is heading out for B'ham within the hour. Gonna see the Yale Art Gallery stuff again & get the OVERPRICED book. The last time I saw this exhibit @ the B'ham Museum of Art, I couldn't help thinking a lot about Chuck Bryan's time in New Haven. He got his Masters from Yale's Art Department.

Take a moment & listen to TanTon & David Adkins lay down a Congo Square groove~

Saturday, November 07, 2009

had never seen blimps light up the sky & neither had anyone else in T-town until tonight. It were spectacular. The Poarch Creek Indians had theirs shining gold & Direct TV had theirs deep blue. Reminded me of Jefferson Starship & all faithful readers of Zero, NW FLA. knowzzz that the male lead singer for Starship ,Cairo, Georgia's Mickey Thomas is now immortalized on Dothan's Rock and Roll Mural.(He also sang "Fooled Around & Fell In Love" for the Elvin Bishop Group") Bama conquered LSU & two STARSHIPS SHINED ON TUSKALOOSA tonight!!!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

How in the world can you moronic left wing kooks defend this joker who ran his trap for two minutes and fifteen seconds & gave a "shout out" to an audience member before mentioning that a Moslem jihadist who was a major in the U.S. Army perpetrated a terrorist attack against our troops? He's showing his true colors & you faithless left wing kooks continue to show yours.
admires the Israelis because they have laws that say you must at least try to pick up all the body parts, wash down the buildings & open the streets up to traffic within four hours after an incident. The Texans are in my prayers but now is the time to carry on.

Have you seen the Yale Art Museum Collection that's on display @ the B'ham Museum of Art right now?
I've already gone once but I'm thinking about seeing it again this Sunday afternoon & breaking down & buying their overpriced book.

If you decide you're gonna see it on a weekend, let me know & I'd love to join you. I went to the Pompeii exhibit two years ago three times & this one is almost as good. The promotion sucks so attendance & publicity are way down.

I love Lou's Pub in Lakeview and Dave's @ Five Points on Southside. Both are great places to go to after the museum & watch a ball game. Lou's has pretty good food.

Regardless of whether I see you or not, do yourself a favor & go see this exhibit.


I wid you on the Hangout video. Seeing the light poles set out in the Gulf, the gym sets & monkey bars out in the sand on the beach and the little shelters. All the little shelters are empty so it seems that the crackers of the Redneck Riviera figured out it was cheaper to buy an umbrella than to rent the little shelters.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

published a terrific post today from Rodney Justo on the Zero, NW FL blog. He tells some stories about The Candymen playing The Sahara in Warrington & The Place on Pensacola Beach. Justo mentions a lost tape of the Candymen playing live @ The Sahara. I sure hope Nix has it. I'd love to hear The Candymen play Thunderball, Counting Flowers On The Wall, Yield Not to Temptation, People Sure Act Funny, Hurt So Bad,Mohair Sam & Girl.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

lost his first Facebook friend. Andre Scott was buried in Tuscaloosa today. He was my Biology student @ Central W. in '85. Even though I haven't seen him in over 24 years, I shed a tear tonight as I viewed his favorite things he had posted on the Internet. His family, his trip to his father's birthplace in India, his loft, his farm,his parties and his favorite youtube clips showed me the wonderful life he had begun to build for himself. What a tragic loss. He was only 39. This was his favorite song.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

survived the 2009 Demopolis Halloween Bash and made it back home this afternoon to find that the Pensacola News-Journal's Troy Moon was inspired by Mal & Jeff's "FLORIDA ROCKS AGAIN" podcast & came through with a superb article on the Pensacola music scene in the Sixties. Read the many comments at the end of the article. People love this stuff!