Friday, October 30, 2009

wishes he could have been in Madison Square Garden Thurs. night to see Jerry Lee Lewis kick off the 25th anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert with a solo rendition of "Great Balls of Fire." Afterwards, just for good measure, The Killer knocked over his piano bench. I'll bet his daughter, Phoebe, sure was proud. Phoebe is still at the top of my list because she got us tickets to sit right up front with her family at Jerry Lee's concert in Philadelphia back in Feb.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

was surprised today when he saw that Dothan Magazine has a new publisher. Glad to see that Charmin' Sharman & Kerry are still along for the ride. Blew me away that the magazine had the feature on Playground's new release of Georgia Pines. I know Jim Lancaster appreciates that. Hey, Jim! Let's meet up in Dothan on some Monday & I'll take care of you as you hit all the media.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

plans on spending a frightening Halloween partying Saturday night in the cellar of the Demopolis Hotel with Archie, Paula & friends. I've been in the closed section of the hotel before & let me assure you that architectual time capsule located on the square was made for an Alice Cooper music video. Hopefully, I'll recover in the morning enough to make it back to Northport for the UA Culture Fest on Sunday.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

is sure enjoying learning more about Troy & B'ham's Pinetop Smith The Downtown Group wants to put him up on the next mural but there are no known images of Pinetop Smith. Maybe they could paint his hands @ the piano inside a T.O.B.A. theater or they could paint one of his record labels or find some of his kinfolks & let them model. They say he was the first vocalist to direct "the girl with the red dress on" or tell the audience to "mess around" or "shake that thing".
started thinking about Halloweens past tonight & realized that this Saturday is the 50th anniversary of my Grandpa Register's death. He was a conductor on an ACL train called The Judy that went to Bainbridge & Chattahoochee. Seeing Grandpa in the casket was the only time I ever saw my Daddy cry but after that was over Daddy took me on the Insider's Tour of Johnson Funeral Home on North Foster. Talkin' 'bout HALLOWEEN! He showed me where his gang stacked wooden formaldehyde crates up so they could climb up & look into the embalming room whenever somebody important was being prepared.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

spent all afternoon rockin' down @ Little Willies with the Alabama Blues Project Blues Party. The bar was closed ( got no hassles for bringing my miniatures) so the kids could attend and perform. Great vibes with superb art on display. What a wonderful way to raise money for a worthy cause~ The Alabama Blues Project: Bringin' The Blues To The Young & The Young @ Heart!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

came up with this little joke tonight,"Who was more afraid, other than the Tuscaloosa Police Department, that Bama was gonna lose the game today?" Answer~"The restaurant owners!"
Had a lot of fun wid dah Big Orange. Ended up in a lawn chair in Mayor Mark's front yard & then hooked up wid Mort & Mary @ the southeast corner of The Houndstooth(my favorite perch!)
knows that THE Pink Room in the County Jail is SRO tonight! They gotta be packed in there like sardines!When folks beeze uncontrollably sliding into OBLIVION, Stay Outta Dah Way! This town got CRUNK BUCK BAD AS# WILD tonight! Saw Frodo. He turned 21 @ midnight. Hope he don't think all that stuff he saw happens every night down at the pub.

Friday, October 23, 2009

can't understand why the "Bloomer Incident" @ Geneva was left out of the book Pensacola During The Civil War. A Yankee invasion of South Alabama in December of 1862 seems like a pretty important subject to me. I just found out tonight that The Bloomer was engaged in the destruction of 380 different salt works & the town of St. Andrews in December of 1863. There are some great links on the Web.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

found an article tonight containing images of letters mailed with Confederate postage to Mail Route 1538 which was between Marianna and Campbellton. According to documents in the National Archives, my G-Great Grandfather, John Young Register of Geneva, had the contract to deliver the mail along this route in 1861. This was the road that the Yankees took before the Battle of Marianna.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

went out to the UA tonight to see what was going on with this May of 1970 Performance related to the production of the musical HAIR by the Theater Dept. I'm in there @ the reception showing off some of my stuff & out of the corner of my eye I notice some Academic Sh*t Head just picked up my copy of the Thursday, May 7, 1970 Tuscaloosa News & start snapping it around like he bought it this afternoon. I called him on it & he acted like I hadn't said a thing. I told him,"Put it back where you found it or you're gonna get in trouble."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bought a little book @ the Ft. Pickens' Gift Shop Thurs. that charged me to fulfill my destiny. The book by George F. Pearce is called PENSACOLA DURING THE CIVIL WAR~ A Thorn in the Side of the Confederacy. If the Good Lord lets me, I'm gonna write a story about how the U.S. building Ellicott's Mound #381 in Houston County in Aug. 1799 ABSOLUTELY started all the Seminole Wars which lasted all the way up to the Civil War. The other story I wanna write is about MY PEOPLE during the Civil War.

Monday, October 19, 2009

got in last night from the beach and had eight different emails from Dothan Tigers informing me of Bat John Bedsole's passing. My condolences go out to John III & Sally. Tonight I came in from work to find out Sonny Gellerstedt passed away this weekend. Sam, Scott, Shea & Steve - y'all have my sympathy. Words cannot express what you have lost.
"The Faults of Our Members We Write Upon the Sands of Time. Their Virtues Upon the Tablets of Love and Memory."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Got back tonight. Peak experiences every day. Mural dedication on Wed.; hearing GA. Pines inside Playground Recording Studio in ValP plus driving from Navarre to Pensacola Beach then on to Ft. Pickens on Thurs.; Hanging out @ Rod Knockers & Watching the Shrimp Get Iced & Loaded on Friday; Hiked all the way to Land's End on Pelican Island on Sat.; Sunday wuz a peak experience too but that's personal.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

is heading out for Dothan & The Coast early tomorrow morning. I'll see some of y'all on N. Foster at around 11 A. M. for the dedication of the mural. Looking forward to Partying In The Panhandle this week. Looks like I'll follow the coast down to Archie's Place on Dauphin Island for the weekend so you oughta see me @ The Oar House & The Pelican Pub Fri. & Sat. night. Mal Thursday and Jeff Miami did us old heads right with their The Panhandle Party Platter radio show!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

is gonna get up early Wed. morning and is driving to Dothan for the Wiregrass Country Music Mural dedication. I might stay in Dothan Wed. night or I might go on down to the beach. Thursday night will probably find me @ The Passport Inn in Panama City. I'm gonna drive down the beach on Friday and I'll probably make it all the way to Dauphin Island. Fri., Sat. and maybe Sun. night will find me @ Archie's place on the island.
has enjoyed learning so much about the 16 individuals who are pictured on Downtown Dothan's Wiregrass Country Music Mural but the one I really want to know more about is New Brockton native Don Helms, The Driftin' Cowboy whose steel guitar playing is heard on almost every Hank Williams recording. I'm gettin' a copy of his autobiography, Settin's The Woods On Fire, next week.
Looking forward to hanging @ Lake Oswaygos Sowspawtowski"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

got to eat a superb Greek salad & watch the end of the first half @ Lou's Pub in Lakeview & then had a blast @ Dave's in Five Points watching the second half. Please do yourself a favor and go see this Yale Art Museum exhibit. It is breathtaking. I'm going back. The damn book costs $55 in PAPERBACK but I'll end up coughing it up. Remember Dothan's Chuck Bryan was the 1st cat from BAMA to get a full ticket art scholarship from Yale & he got his Masters. Glad to see Jimmy Hall & Wet Willie giving a shout out to Bama @ Bayfest last weekend.

Friday, October 09, 2009

enjoyed some sho' nuff erecktrick aminalistic funky blues TONIGHT from Enterprise's Little Jimmy Reed (aka Leon Atkins) down @ Little Willie's on Fourth Street. Little Jimmy's got a good gimmick covering the Great Jimmy Reed's work but Enterprise's Little Jimmy Reed's got his own stuff that's STRONGER than YOU-KNOW-WHAT!!!! (no disrespect intended to members of the family of the Late Great Jimmy Reed)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

is gonna try to get to Dothan early on Wed. in order to attend the dedication of the Wiregrass Country Music Mural. The country musicians with Wiregrass roots who are featured include Hank Williams, Hank Williams, Jr., Audrey Williams, Dixie Hatfield, Don Helms, Lamar Morris, Curly Walker, George Jones, Lew Childree, Stonewall Jackson, Jimmy Watford, Billy Dean, Daryl Singletary, Charlie Monk, Boudreaux Bryant, and Ray Kirkland. Wes Hardin painted the mural.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

was sad to see where Larry Shell put out the news that Shelby Singleton died of cancer today. Shelby was co-founder of Valparaiso's Playground Recording Studio, the current owner of Sun Records & producer of "Harper Valley P.T.A., "Walk On By", "Ahab The Arab" & "Hey! Baby." Shelby was also inducted into The Rockabilly Hall of Fame & was responsible for the aggressive marketing of the Sun Records logo.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Anniston native Charles "Cow Cow" Davenport & Troy native Clarence "Pine Top" Smith didn't invent boogie woogie piano playing but they both can be given credit for introducing the American public to this wonderful music. The Cleveland Blues Society inducted Cow Cow into the inaugural class of the Cleveland Blues Society Hall of Fame and prepared an excellent video that shows how Cow Cow influenced everyone from Ray Charles to The Yardbirds to Aerosmith.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I started thinking about Dothan opening a new city cemetery for all races.
Of all people, you came first to mind.
Think about it.
People will buy the plots.
No doubt about it!

Here's the frist thang i got when I googled
new municipal cemeteries
The object in publishing scans of the municipal cemetery registers of Dartford and Gravesham is to enable customers who are using our online imagebase of parish registers Medway Ancestors to proceed from parish burial registers to municipal burial registers from the point at which new burials in town centre church yards ceased and transferred to the new municipal cemeteries, and thus complete their research without the inconvenience of making separate enquiries.
Here's the link for the following diary entry concerning the concert by The Police in Tuskaloosa's Bama Theater on Saturday, October 13, 1979. It is my opinion that this cat got a little mixed up in his diary and what he's talking about is that they arrived in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, October 13, 1979 after the state store had closed so they were facing "No Liquor" on Sunday which made 'em send a roadie to Pickens County or Columbus for liquor.

Saturday,October 13 Tuscaloosa, Bama Theater
"Upon arrival request the rider and directions to the nearest bar as per usual. Horrified to find out that on Sundays Alabama is a dry state and therefore there is no alcohol to be had. This is an unnacceptable state of affairs for the Hotrods, and Meaty the roadie is promptly dispatched to drive over the nearest border point to stock up on Jim Beam etc. Manages to make it back literally minutes before showtime much to our relief. Took him 5 hours...
likes The Police with a 28 yr. old Sting. Did any of y'all see them play The Bama on October 13, 1979? I missed it(a week from this Tuesday will make that 30 years ago) They got pissed off because Tuscaloosa is dry on Sundays. The drummer's older brother, Miles Copeland III, graduated from B'ham Southern in '66. Their Daddy, Miles Jr., also attended B'ham Southern in '41.

Friday, October 02, 2009

really appreciates his boss, Lee Pake, visiting his G-Great Uncle William's grave in Chicago today. Uncle William Duncan Register from Geneva was my Grandpa Will Young Register's oldest uncle and he died on 7-13-1862 at age 19 while he being held as a P.O.W. in Chicago. He is buried along with over 6000 other Confederate P.O.W.s in a mass grave in Oak Woods Cemetery which remained unmarked for 35 years after the Civil War.