Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm glad somebody out there appreciates my humor but when it comes to this little never ending horror movie, sometimes ya gotta laugh to keep from crying.

We can't lose any time now when it comes to effectively monitoring our little band of utopian visionaries who have run amok in Selma.
Every day, in every way, we MUST dig the dirt which will lead to the disbanding of this confused, reckless & dysfunctional social experiment whose Pied Piper has targeted the youth of Selma with his infantile delusions.
Some of MD's greatest defenders in Selma need to wake up NOW
or they are going to end up spending their golden years raising a bunch of abandoned bastard grandbabies.

One of the best things we can do is to turn this episode in Selma into a MONEY PIT for MD.
We need to know about his building permits. We need to know if Tepper's has undergone an inspection by the fire marshal and the insurance providers. We need more testimonials from FF dropouts. We need to gather more tapes of MD's speeches, etc., etc.

MD should always remember for the rest of his miserable life that Tremont Street was "MD's Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and his followers should look back on their time in the FF as a complete waste of time and an intolerable invasion of their privacy. Only then will they gain the courage necessary to leave the cult and to reenter the wider world and to enjoy all the opportunities that await them in the Selma community.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
Ah Hah! Hah!

If I had religion, I'd know right from wrong.

I was born up in trouble.
Ain't no sense where I'm from.

If I had religion, I'd know right from wrong.

I was born up in trouble.
Ain't no sense where I'm gone.

If I had religion, I'd know right from wrong.
but I was born up in trouble

Sunday, April 05, 2009

To robertoreg~

Many thanks to Mr. Buddy Buie for the article about Studio One recording studio, formerly located in Doraville, GA. I read about it on the wikipedia website.
I happen to live just a few miles from that area. I recently visited that location from the address of that article. I know Studio One was demolished some years ago. The business building that stands there now has a door where "3864 Oakcliff Industrial Ct." should be, but its left blank, I guess out of respect to Studio One.
I think a some kind of monument should be established at that location as a historical landmark for recognition of those classic and historical recordings by those great bands.
Some of those recordings made a huge impact and influence on the history of rock and roll and are recognized all over the world. I am a big fan of those bands. Thanks again.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hey Inner Sanctum~

I'm stuck in Tuscaloosa this weekend but we got two air shows with the Blue Angels so I can take it but I can hardly take it.

Gonna put out a big blast soon so I'm fishing for feedback.

L.C. Green passed April 1 and his funeral is today.

Let's see if we can get Mitch & Bill & the gang to share their reminisces.

I also need some inside dope on these Saban rumors.
I found some notes I took the last time LSU was in T-town.

LSU T shirts read:




Bama T shirts read:



feed it to me.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

This is the link to the theater's facebook page. Among the 83 members are students from Morgan, Selma High, Southside High and Orrville High.

Some of the members have their friends blocked on their profile picture but one member has OVER 400 friends and you can see them all.
Some of the faces come as quite a shocker.
I guarantee you there are some Selma folks who regret the day they accepted a Facebook friend invitation from an FFer.

Click on this link & you'll see 54 excellent images from Footloose,One Night Only
and Seussical.
Go to the home page for 36 more very interesting images.