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Robert Frost's Themes in "Out, Out"

Christopher Register

Robert Frost is one of America's greatest poets of all time.

His works are filled with deep meaning that's camouflaged by a variety of plots, settings and characters.

Frost's book MOUNTAIN INTERVAL features "Out, Out."

"Out, Out" comes from a line in the play "Macbeth" which occurs after Macbeth finds out his wife is dead.

He says,"Out,out," followed by a few lines about life.

The theme in "Out,Out" is obscure when first read but after sifting through the surface, a theme of rural life, loss of childhood and the continuity of life begins to appear to the reader.

In many of his poems Frost includes many aspects of rural life. In "Out,Out" Frost describes the rural setting with five mountain ranges,

awkward stuff.....
????"sweet scented sticks of freshly cut wood"
and great sunsets.

Growing up fast and taking on a larger responsibility at a young age is common in rural areas. The young siblings in "Out, Out" both had some what big responsibilities for their age. Frost shows this by stating,"His sister stood beside them in her apron to tell them "supper." (Frost.scrwed uP}
This shows that the little girl is the one cooking for the family or at least helping a great deal in the kitchen. The young boy is using a buzz saw that should only be used by adults to cut stove length pieces of wood.
"Stove-length sticks of wood" (Frost pg. 651) are another thing that ties this poem to rural life. Wood burning stoves were used in rural areas to heat homes and cook food.

The main theme of the poem is the loss of childhood. The children in this poem are already too busy with everyday life to enjoy being a youngster.

Frost depicts the loss of childhood indirectly by having the young boy's hand cut off by a buzz saw. Even though the loss of childhood is described by this tragic event, "He saw all spoiled," (Frost p. 651) is a clue to the reader that he has realized life as a child was over as well as his dream.

"Don't let them cut my hand off. The Doctor when he comes. Don't let him, sister!" (Frost, pg. 651) TEACHER SEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ "cHECK HOW to cite posts"

"The boy's biggest problem here is not saving his hand but saving his life.
Symbolically, he is also begging his sister to let him stay in the realm of childhood."
(Moran 23)

The girl's childhood is all but gone as well because she is young and already had to cook supper for the rest of the family.

"While kids pretending to be adults are often viewed as cute, this boy's dabbling with adulthood proves deadly..." (Moran 15)

Frost shows the continuity of life as well as how life is very valuable and how life can be taken away at a moment's notice without any warning at all; even the life of an unsuspecting child.

In the end of the poem, the boy dies from the injuries he suffered from the buzz saw to his hand.

"The matter of fact summation,'And they, since they/were not the ones dead, turned to the affairs" is a truth so cold one wonders Frost can speak it." (Poetry Criti pg. 227) some problem with citation

"Frost is showing that life goes on for the living and to not let something like death break you all apart..." (Kushner 30)

"The living can only 'build on' from there" (Kushner 30)

"Out, Out" is a poem that must be read between the lines. On the surface it is just like any other tragic poem but when you dig into it a little deeper, it is more than that. It is Frost's theme of rural life, loss of childhood and the continuity of life that is ever present.

Frost with his New England settings and camouflaged meanings will captivate young and old alike for years to come. (THE PROFESSOR WILL FAIL YOU IF YOU SAY THIS AS YOUR CONCLUSION!!!!!!)

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plans on getting up tomorrow morning, leaving Wetumpka & heading north to Horseshoe Bend Military Park http://www.nps.gov/hobe/
so he can cool off in the river.

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has already written THE SUN ALSO RISES 2.
Everything's the same
except, instead of Pamplona,
it's set in Tuskaloosa during the week of the Alabama-Auburn game &
Jake got IT shot OFF in 'Nam
& Lady Brett getzzzz ragged all weekend about how she needs to let her hair to grow back out.

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had a Mama raccoon walk to within three feet of his face this morning when he inadvertently got between her and the opening of her den.
She might as well have been a grizzly bear to me.

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JJJ22, I sure hope that the rage we induced within you caused you to flush yourself out and that you are really Rev. Ronald because you have now shown the world the ignorance in yo' head and the hatred in yo' heart.

To think that you are leading a "congregation" is kinda scary because I know you're pitiful confidence comes from the fact that you are not alone in your delusions and your obsession with pigmentation.

JJJ22, you are a part of the problem and as long as you influence others, we can be assured that our future will witness more cultural demoralization, rising crime, neighborhood deterioration, high taxes and political chaos.

Those are the things you stand for, JJJ22.

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Whew, JJJ222! You too much.
Get on a public forum & write "he has did more in this city with the group of volulnteers that moved and many semians than ive seen in 30 years."

Like what, dude?

I can see why you and your fellow aloomnigh don't want teacher testing in Alabama.
Somebody might want you to master that racist a$$ Ainglish language!

Man, you seemed to be so concerned with people having "racial pride." Is that some sort of code word or something? Is MD promising you something you ain't been getting in mean, old hateful Selma?

And what you mean by "if you are connected in any way to news media or politians and come in contact with Mark Duke you will see for yourself that he is truly a man of God!"
Are you accusing the news media and "politians" of having skulls just as thick as your own?

& what this stuff about " dont fall to the lies of what they post of about marriges being arranged or families being destroyed. if this is something to measure a cult by then every church is in major trouble with a 50% divorce rate."
You trying to say that half of all the people who go to church every Sunday in Selma ARE divorced?

Let me tell you something, JJJ22. What you love about the Fleecing Foundation is the idealism they brought to Selma.
But consider this, JJJ22.
The reason they idealistic is that they never had to live around knuckleheads like you.
Let 'em hang around for a few more years.
They will soon see that the JJJ22s of this old world are incapable of shame and got a lame excuse for every indiscretion known to humanity.
loved seeing everyone at the dedication of the mural yestiddee. Here's links to both the front page article in today's Dothan Eagle & the WDHN TV news broadcast.
In the Eagle photo, you can see me leaning against the wall of the back stoop of the law office where the mural is painted enjoying the shade & the air conditioning blowing out of the office door I propped open.


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MD may hab come to BAMA to mine the motherlode of gold that Selmer represents to THE
Fig Newton of His Constipation, but he can never deal with Selma's progress.

Some kids down at the bar tonight were talkin' 'bout the situation & I said,"If we had just got in line behind Truman in '48, none of this stuff we're having deal with right now would have had to happen"

After I came home, I was inspired to google
"gunter field" alabama integration 1948
& this is one thing I got which I feel shows how PROGRESSIVE Selma beezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze.


When the U.S. armed forces were officially integrated in 1948, all of the facilities at Maxwell quickly followed suit. A new Maxwell grammar school was the first integrated public school in the city. Prior to the well-known Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955, some black and white airmen from Maxwell purposely created "incidents" on the city buses, with whites sitting in the rear and blacks in the front of the buses. During the 1970s, the women's movement helped increase the number of women serving in the armed forces, and women became an increasingly evident presence at both Maxwell and Gunter. The climax of the gender revolution at the base came when Brig. Gen. Susan Pamerleau became commandant of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) in 1995.

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was really impressed with the warm & lavish hospitality accorded me by MUSIC FOR MEDS http://myspace.com/music4meds , the Big Spring Park, The First National Bank Building, Twickenham, Eustis Street, Echols Street, Franklin Street, The Furniture Factory Bar & Grill http://www.facebook.com/pages/Huntsville-AL/Furniture-Factory-Bar-and-Grill/51920918385
,Bankhead Parkway, Monte Sano State Park, The CrossRoads www.myspace.com/theroads
and Microwave Dave & The Nukes http://www.microwavedave.com/

Noone other than me can understand how utterly stunned & overwhelmed I was by the flood of emotion I experienced when I first walked into Maple Hill Cemetery at dawn & recognized Major Thomas Freeman's tombstone from a good distance. www.forestry.state.al.us/Publications/TREASURED_Forest_Magazine/tfspring09/Mason_Dixon_Ellicott_and_Freeman.pdf
Now that what I call

We should all consider volunteering to sponsor church youth activities.

Cookouts, beach & lake trips, and road trips to visit historic buildings & other groups of young people associated with our association, diocese, district or parish.

You on the money,

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So many ways I could respond to your post but this ain't the right venue.

However, I feel compelled to give you an example of how to be highly effective on the tough skreets of Selma.

Do business the old fashioned way. Meet all the neighbors. Hand out business cards. Encourage every one to call you 24/7 'bout any suspicious activity. Be able to honestly tell them that you have been able to get TO THE CRIME SCENE before cops got there.

Remind them that the best police protection occurs Monday through Friday 9 to 5 by calling the Police Department dispatcher. You give them the number and tell them that when they see trouble to wait until they have a lot of time to talk on the phone & then to get all their information together including : their OWN name, address & phone #, a vivid description of the place & time of the suspicious activity, a description of the suspects and a request for an extra patrol around that place for two weeks at a specific time.

Calling 911 is asking for WASTE MANAGEMENT.

Be able to tell someone,"You don't know me from Adam's house cat but I want TO TELL YOU I do business the OLD FASHIONED WAY! I pay bribes."

Used furniture will get you a lot of informers and maybe some converts.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Imagine being born into a family where you were adored & loved for about eighteen months.
Then imagine learning to walk pretty good and finding out that you were gonna be fed, bathed, clothed and taken care of by some five year old.

A lot of people in Selma grew up that way.

Anything you can do to stop this recruitment would be nice.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Unfortunately, the academy has a long & STORIED tradition of having students go out to sea & end up swimming in a sea OF LIBERAL GUILT!!!!

They need to just cut that stuff out!

Please use your networking skills to get any academy students associated w/SCC to get "LOVE BOMBED" by local youth ministries, especially invitations to Sunday night youth functions @ the dreaded DOWNTOWN CHURCHES!!!!

[ed.note~ Iddn't the corner of Selma & Franklin DOWNTOWN??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

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Win some.
Lose Some.
& No Wayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Can I not keep trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!