Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They still don't beeze 'nair hide no' hair of Rev. Ron and the HOG church on the Internet but check out that magnificent Selma Community Church billboard on Broad,
NE of Jefferson Davis/Chestnut.

The cat in the picture is so excited he looks like he just found a million dollars or maybe a live teenage girl.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hope to see some of y'all on Sunday.

I'll be admiring Selma's alleys.

Especially the one behind Tepper's & the onez betweenzzzzzzzzzz
Mabry & T. Skreet.

Fo' sho' make sure you check out everthang down by Rev. Ron's church.

You can't miss me.

I'll be dressed in black.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Y'all know that the best thing I learn in college was Thomas Kuhn's "Heuristic Value of a Theory"

The last 24 hrs. sho' proved it to me.

Those cartoons were stronger than new rope.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(MUCHAS to C&C for the tinyurl hint~)

Here's the reduced link to images of the first Sunday @ Rev. Ronald's church...


Is it not strange that the blogger deleted ALL of the images of Rev. Ron's church from his current "BLOODY SUNDAY" blog?


& is it not strange that "Selma Community Church" has no presence on the Web other than deleted images on a Georgia civil rights activist's blog?

& wouldn't it be nice if we got a copy of the video that was being taped of the "service" in image #28.


Monday, March 23, 2009


The blogger took ALL of the pictures of Rev. Ronald's church OFF OF HIS BLOG!

The link in my last post includes NO PICTURES OF MD!

But dis do...

Remember MD is believed to be in image #20 & image #30.
I don't think MD was ready to run into a bunch of CYBORGZZZZZZZZZ
when he decided to move to Selma.

Thank the Good Lord for the INTERNET!

Here's the link to over 30 photos of inside & outside of Rev. Ronald's church on his first Sunday.

Talk about T shirts.
You've never seen so many convicted sex offenders in one room in all your born dayzzzzzzzzz!
Not to mention MD's gum poppin' thug life muscle.

MD is clearly seen in images #20 & #30.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hey obama
I'm not trying to clown of you or nothing
but you pretty cruel on the Gov.
Not only that but you seem to be mean as a p$ss ant.

Describing The Gov with expressions like:

"so funny", "useless", "pea brain", "negative article", "racist rants", "you are truly an idiot", "yes, you are a racist", "you don't have a clue", "it is so amazing how so called intelligent people", "What does is say for a race of people who slept with animals?" and "your brain cells have already been fried."

Stuff like that ain't cool.

Plus you seem to be rill ethnocentric wid yo stuff.

You need to look in the mirror 'cause the joke's on you chump!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

please ask any reporters or broadcasters you may know to cover the events in Selma beginning on Thursday.

Selma be in the news this weekend.

I STILL wonder
whether the Freedom Foundation Choir will sing at the Pre-March Rally in Brown Chapel on Sunday, March 8.




Sunday, March 01, 2009

from Albert Turner's blog http://commissioneralbertturner.com/blog/2008/12/08/hello-world/

Commissioner Says:

I understand that members of the Freedom Foundation did a take over of the local SCLC. Mark Duke friends are board members and two of his close aids are officers of the organization. I don’t know if the Bishop is on Mark Duke payroll or not, but I am afraid that the connection there is strange to say the least.

Commissioner Says:

Nikki the problem is not that the vast majority of the freedom foundation are white, but the motive that the foundation have. It is scary when a group of white people come in and concertrate soley on getting into the Black community. The natural question is to ask why the interest? We must continue to check the motive of this organization because of the leader who has come under attack because of his statements and attacks on Black leaders like Martin King and others. Look beyoun the surface of the issue and the evidence will show that this organization is hell bent on getting as deep in the Black community as possible. The truth will come out very soon and I hope that it is not to late for some of the people in Selma. Check to see what happen to Joann Blan, what happen to the money that was to go to the Dallas County Schools after the benefit basketball game? Why is the organization going only to Black churches, many who do not have pastors in place, Ask why noted individuals like F.D. Reese, Daryl Moore, Terry Armstrong, C.L. Lett and other strong ministers in the Selma community not on board with Mr. Duke. Let’s talk to Joe Rembert who had first hand dealings with this group in his church and see what happen that they are not there. Let’s open our eyes

Some mo' FF related stuff on the Internet: