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They've got a '39 Dothan City Directory at Houston Memorial in the LOCAL HISTORY.

Pretty sure that by '39 my Daddy's family (W.Y. Register~ wife Pauline, sons Earl, Paul and Page) had already moved over to Crawford St. but during the worse of the Depression they moved into my great-aunt Lula Peterman's boarding house on the corner of Alice and West Main, directly across the street from 1st Baptist. The rich folks STRIP started just west of there. The Blumberg mansion was the old Flowers Hospital. The Blumbergs kept Daddy's family in clothes, My grandma got all their hand-me-downs so for that and MANY OTHER REASON$, the Jews were GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE for our poor family.
According to BITTER HARVEST, Richmond's Daddy, James Jefferson Flowers (1878-1957) had his house near his relatives. It was a corner lot. The big downtown barber lived next door. The druggist lived diagonally across the street. On the other side was a vacant lot and then lawyer Burt Farmer. Dr. Green next to him. Richmond's grandfather, James Drury Flowers lived a block away on the next corner. Richmond's Uncle and Aunt Crawford lived a block away. Richmond's great uncle, James R. Crawford, founded the first bank in Dothan in 1889.

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Farmar genealogy  The third,
a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, married John Louis De Vaubercey, 
of Orleanist connection (see "Colonial Mobile"), and re- 
mained in Florida. They had at least one son, Louis Le Gras 
De Vaubercey, and one daughter, who married Mr. Curtis 
Lewis of Mobile.