Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ben Windham, an editor at the TUSCALOOSA NEWS, died Sunday. In 2008, Ben reviewed Wilbur Walton, Jr.'s CD, MR. REDBUD in the Tuscaloosa News.  It's a great article so, in memory of Ben, I'm posting it. Would somebody out there in FACEBOOK LAND please print Ben's review and take it over and give it to Wilbur? I'm sure he's never seen it and I believe he'd appreciate reading it.

a transcription of a Friday, July 11, 2008  Tuscaloosa's WTBC Morning Show featuring
Wilbur Walton Jr., Tiger Jack, Wally Price & the late Big Dave McDaniel with Special Guests, Rodney Justo, the late Buddy Buie ,the late Johnny Wyker and Debbie Hendrickson O'Toole(many of Debbie's comments were inadvertently not recorded)


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