Friday, July 28, 2017

Of course, GOING DOWN is today considered a ROCK STANDARD. It is truly amazing how many musicians who gave birth to THE SOUTHERN ROCK MOVEMENT came out of the Tuscaloosa scene. Tippy Armstrong played with Don Nix's ALABAMA STATE TROUPERS and Scott Bomar in his book SOUTHBOUND emphasizes the TREMENDOUS IMPACT the Tuscaloosa scene had upon the formation of CAPRICORN RECORDS in Macon. The last paragraph in Chapter 12~ SUNSHINE TO SUNDOWN: SEARCHING FOR A SOUND reads, "By that time[1973], the Tuscaloosa crowd had become a key part of Macon's musical landscape, 'We were hanging out together, playing on each other's records, and going to the H&H Restaurant, and Grant's Lounge, and Le Carousel, with the famous hot chicken,' Chuck Leavell reminisced. 'It became this huge social scene...Everybody was just as happy to be playing music. It was a true community.' " In Chapter 10 - Chapter 13 ( the 22 pages that describe the creation of Capricorn) of Bomar's book,  a DOZEN MUSICIANS with strong TUSCALOOSA connections are mentioned: Johnny Sandlin and Paul Hornsby (who both played earlier with Eddie Hinton in the 5 MEN-ITS), Charlie Hayward (brother of CHUKKER NATION's Dart Hayward), Bill Stewart, Chuck Leavell, Lou Mullinex, Rick Hirsch, Joe Rudd, Frank Friedman, Ronnie Brown, Court Pickett and Mike Duke.


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